Where is the Rincon Hill neighborhood?
Map of Rincon Hill

What was this area like in the past?
There’s a great article that was published in SPUR’s newsletter a few years ago that gave a good snapshot of Rincon Hill’s past.

You could also attempt to find a used copy or search your public library for the book Rincon Hill and South Park: San Francisco’s Fashionable Neighborhood by Albert Shumate, published in September 1988.

What is planned for the future?
There are two plans that will shape the Rincon Hill neighborhood that meet at Folsom Boulevard to unite the new residential, high-rise neighborhood and its new residents.

1) City’s Rincon Hill Plan
2) Transbay Transit Area Plan
3) Transit Center District Plan

Who lives in Rincon Hill (zip code 94105)?
Find out at city-data.com.

How might a new Rincon Hill resident become acclimated to the area?
I’m glad you asked …

  1. Stay in tune with this www.RinconHillSF.org neighborhood blog
  2. Download and peruse the latest Rincon Hill Resident Guide

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