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Apologies to SF PUC re: Street Lamp Still Out on Main Street

I received a note from a SF PUC representative today that provided me with an update on what activity has occurred regarding the two street lamps that I reported as non-working via the 311 service several weeks ago (sometime in early September before I traveled to Michigan, which was September 15th).

It turns out that SF PUC never received my first reports via the City’s 311 service that the lamps were out. They did receive my reports via their web site.

One of the two lights is the responsibility of SF PUC, and the other light is actually the responsibility of PG&E. I’ve been griping about SF PUC in regards to that second light on Main south of Folsom, under the notion it was their light. Sorry SF PUC – You guys didn’t deserve getting crap from me about PG&E’s light.

The light that belongs to SF PUC on Harrison at Spear Street was fixed immediately after I reported it as out on their web form. I salute them for this fabulous service response!

SF PUC passed my request along regarding the second light on Main Street south of Folsom to PG&E for that private company to fix. PG&E reported that they changed the bulb, but I reported it as still not working on 10/24/07 through SF PUC’s web form (because I still was under the assumption it was their responsiblity, with no idea was actually PG&E’s responsibility) … and I can say after walking home late last night that it still does not illuminate as of 10/30/2007.

PG&E – Please Fix Your Street Light on Main Street, the second light south of Folsom!

This is another example of how a publicly owned entity has provided 5-star service while a private company may have attempted to fix things, but the result is that I still do not have a working lamp on Main Street just south of Folsom.

Tangent Alert This reminds me of the way health insurance in America works … Aetna (a private insurer) took 9 months and required me to go to the State of California to force them to pay for a pre-approved by my HMO Doctor visit to an emergency room. If I had Medicare or Medicaid, I bet that bill would have been paid off a lot more quickly – saving me and the hospital and the State of California the time, money, and stress of making a private health insurer (Aetna) pay the bill they’re obligated to pay.

2 Responses to Apologies to SF PUC re: Street Lamp Still Out on Main Street

  1. That’s great to hear… Very nice of you to recognize the PUC’s responsiveness to your problem.

    That said… perhaps some of your charm might work on the 400 block of Valencia Street where FOUR street lamps do not work – and a fifth lamp is totally obscured by a tree.

    I don’t get it.. the problem is so obvious. From a distance, you can easily spot the dark 400 block on the otherwise well-lit street. Up close, the darkness has led to the block being annexed by the 16th/Mission ‘element’.

    No kidding: Since early August! — I have called 311 a half-dozen times, completed online forms at least ten times and asked the SFPD to report the problem. Nothing.

    A few weeks ago, I even came across a crew servicing street lamps on CeasarChavez and asked them to help! Still nothing.

    … Would ya please forward this message along to the good people who solved your lighting problem.? I’ll be sure to let you know of any results. Thx!

  2. I’d suggest visiting SF PUC’s online form to report the street lights that are out on Valencia.


    Hopefully, those street lamps are the responsiblity of SF PUC. If they are the responsibility of PG&E, all I can say is that the PG&E street light I reported in early September is still out tonight.

    Good luck with it!