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Avoiding Alaska Airlines Indefinitely, Flying Virgin America Definitely

Today’s San Francisco Examiner has a story about foreign/domestic ownership of Burlingame-based Virgin America being questioned by the fine folks (sarcasm) at Alaska Airlines – this after such questions had already been hashed through for many months, delaying the launch of Virgin America.

Virgin America is a wonderful airline and I highly recommend you fly them if you’re going to New York, Washington (D.C.), Boston, or one of the other destinations they service from SFO. The cabins purple glow, the access to on demand music, video, food, and games for every passenger, and the helpful flight crews are well worth it – heck, just avoiding grumpy flight crews on some of the other airlines is reason enough for me to fly Virgin America. Virgin America employs about 1,500 people in the Bay Area, according to the Examiner article.

Meanwhile, Alaska Airlines is a piss poor bunch of pinheads, and I say that with a smile and in earnest. It is a shame they try to abuse government agencies’ processes to harm the Bay Area-based Virgin America airline. Although I wasn’t much of a user of Alaska Airlines in the past, save a trip between Oregon cities that don’t offer many choices among carriers, I definitely won’t be using Alaska Airlines in the future … I don’t take kindly to businesses threatening the livelihoods of my 1,500 Bay Area neighbors at this stage in our economic downturn.

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