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Bloody Thursday and Battle of Rincon Hill – Commemorating the 1934 General Strike

Sunday marks the 75th anniversary of the start of San Francisco’s General Strike along the waterfront, a historic event that changed San Francisco and the rights of working folks who saw the power created when they united for a common cause. Carl Nolte has a nice summary of the General Strike in today’s San Francisco Chronicle including mention of “The Battle of Rincon Hill.” The Rincon Hill neighborhood, then occupied by sailors and looking down at a waterfront that represented the heart of international trade for the United States on the west coast, was center stage for many of the events.

On Sunday (July 5th), please try to make your way over to Steuart and Market Streets at 9 a.m. to commemorate the deaths of two laborers at the hands of police at Mission and Steuart Streets in the Rincon Hill neighborhood that really set things off. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about a historic period in San Francisco that took place in the Rincon Hill neighborhood.

Many events are planned around the 75th anniversary of the General Strike – you can find listing on the www.LaborFest.net web site.

On a personal note related to the labor movement, I grew up in a union household and can thank the United Auto Workers and Michigan Education Association (teachers’ union) for elevating my parents from the poverty of growing up in eastern Kentucky’s Appalachian region to a firm middle class socioeconomic comfort with a living wage in their later years in Michigan and for giving them the ability to make sure I could pursue a good university education.

Here is a listing of upcoming events from the 2009 Labor Fest Program:

7/5 Bloody Thursday 75th Anniversary Procession, Steuart & Market, 9 a.m.
7/5 Labor Bike Tour, 1310 Mission St.
7/5 Labor Video and Report on Asian Labor Struggles, ILWU 34 Hall
7/6 The Lessons of the Past for the Struggles Today, ILWU 34 Hall
7/6 The International Music Night, ILWU 34 Hall
7/7 Jobs for Artist!, Women’s Building
7/8 Blood Passion – Book reading, Modern Times Bookstore
7/9 LaborFest Art Exhibition – Opening Reception, SOMArts Cultural Center
7/10 Grapes of Wrath and Presentation, Martin Luther King Library-San Jose
7/10 FilmWorks United, Roxie Theatre
7/10 Carol Tarlen Lives!, Modern Times Bookstore
7/10 FilmWorks United (East Bay), Niebyl Proctor Library
7/11 Coit Tower Walk and 75th Anniversary of the Murals, Coit Tower entrance
7/11 Living History: Henry George, Newspaperman, Floats Labor’s Boar, Hyde Street Pier
7/11 FilmWorks United, Roxie Theatre
7/12 WPA BUS TOUR, Meet at Bill Graham Auditorium
7/12 Labor Walk of Golden Gate Bridge, Meet at the gift shop-SF side
7/12 Mission Walk, The Redstone Building
7/12 Poetry and Prose Reading, City Lights Bookstore
7/12 FilmWorks United, Roxie Theatre
7/13 Beyond the Fields – Book reading, Modern Times Bookstore
7/13 FilmWorks United, Roxie Theatre
7/14 FilmWorks United, Roxie Theatre
7/14 The Ballad of Polly Ann (Opening day), SOMArts Cultural Center
7/15 A Tribute to Archie Green, Modern Times Bookstore
7/15 FilmWorks United, Roxie Theatre
7/16 The Men Along the Shore and the Legacy of 1934 (Reception), SF Main Library – 6th fl
7/16 The Working Group 20th Anniversary, Oakland School of the Arts Theatre
7/16 FilmWorks United, Roxie Theatre
Many More Events Throughout July Can Be Found in the 2009 Labor Fest Program

In Solidarity.

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