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Bocce ball proposal sent to Committee for further discussion

I am happy to say that our Supervisor, Chris Daly, helped to influence Board President David Chiu to send the Bocce ball proposal for the park near the Streetcar museum to Committee (I am assuming it is the Land Use Committee, but not certain). This means we should get a chance to weigh in and have our opinion counted too like our neighbors north of Market Street already have had the courtesy extended by Rec. and Parks to do. It is a good day.

Thank you to the several SoMa waterfront neighbors who wrote the Supervisors and helped to influence today’s decision to allow for those of us living South of Market to get a seat at the table to hear about the bocce ball court plans and, if possible, to work together with the business coalition to find the best practical use that activates the park space and benefits those living nearby the most.

Thank you to Carolyn Tyler for picking up on this story by reading the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association e-news! Also, check out www.TakeBackOurParks.org – we are not the first community to be ignored by the Recreation and Parks Commission in San Francisco.

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