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Boycotting Utah

Trade embargoes are used against our enemies to cut off funding for their evil activities and further attacks (Iran, North Korea, etc.). In a similar vein, there is talk within the LGBT community about boycotting (not providing additional money) to the Mormon-dominated state of Utah after that church’s leaders in particular encouraged members to give at least $1,000 per member household (and much more, $30,000 in some cases, from those households with higher incomes) to write discrimination into the California Constitution and take away the rights of marriage from same-sex adult couples.

Personally, I will make a point to avoid traveling through/to or otherwise supporting businesses based in Utah going forward – at least until the discrimination that Mormons provided at least 40% of the campaign funding to get voted into the California Constitution is repealed. If you support equality for all, I would suggest that you also consider boycotting Utah. Thank you!

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