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Bullying works! Peskin new SF DCCC Chair

Sad day for San Francisco Democrats. I hope I’m wrong and that the DCCC will stay focused on registering Democratic voters and supporting qualified Democratic candidates rather than become a Karl Rove-ish political machine that ignores the will of the Democratic membership. Only time will tell.

From LeftInSF.com:

San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee Vote Tally (July 23, 2008)

Issue: Election of Chair

Michael Bornstein X
David Campos X
David Chiu X
Chris Daly X
Michael Goldstein X
Robert Haaland X
Joe Julian X
Hene Kelly X
Rafael Mandelman X
Eric Mar X
Jake McGoldrick X
Aaron Peskin X
Debra Walker X
Betty Yee X
Carole Migden X
Leland Yee X
Fiona Ma X
Tom Ammiano X



Tom Hsieh X
Mary Jung X
Leslie Katz X
Meagan Levitan X
Jane Morrison X
Melanie Nutter X
Connie O’Connor X
Arlo Hale Smith X
Laura Spanjian X
Matt Tuchow X
Scott Wiener X
Dianne Feinstein X
Nancy Pelosi X
Jackie Speier X
Mark Leno X
August Longo X


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