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Call the Port Commission on the Carpet

The Port Commission meets on Tuesday, 1/13/2009, at about 3:15 p.m. on the 2nd floor of the Ferry Building in the Port Commission Hearing Room to hear about a proposed condo development plan for the triangle seawall lot near Washington Street and The Embarcadero.

Although the folks who live on the north side of the Ferry Building are exemplary citizens when it comes to being engaged and active with developments in their neck of the woods and will show up in droves at the meeting, it’d be great if Rincon Hill and other neighbors on the south side of the Ferry Building can show up to the meeting to call the Port Commission on the carpet about how they drag their feet on public open spaces and other public entitlements associated with developing Port property. The more people that show up and use the public comment time to discuss how the Port Commission makes promises to residents in order to move the Port’s development projects along and collect money without being accountable for getting the projects done in a timely manner, the better.

I’m talking about Brannan Street Wharf area, which is the eyesore Port of San Francisco property between AT&T Park and Piers 30 and 32. They have the money, thanks to the Watermark developer and the good voters of San Francisco voting for Prop. A last Feburary (the Parks Bond) – time’s a wastin’ while these crackerjacks on the Port Commission allow the Brannan Street Wharf project to get delayed!
Pier 36 - Unsafe Area

The Port of San Francisco can’t even seem to get their crap together to fix one lousy light pole in Rincon Point Park.
Damaged Light Pole 1+ years later

Please attend this meeting and tell the Port Commission to fix the Brannan Street Wharf now – and warn the Barbary Coast neighbors north of the Ferry Building (as if they don’t know) about how the Port drags its feet. They make “promises, promises ….” as the song goes

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