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Census Data Dribbling Out at Zip Code Level

While looking at the San Francisco Elections Department web page a week or so ago, I discovered their reports on Census 2010 data broken out by Supervisorial Districts. While the redistricting task force is nice and all, I want to see the population numbers and other pertinent data for zip code 94105 which basically encompasses the Rincon Hill neighborhood.

Low and behold, you can get information for the 94105 zip code from the Census 2010 data set!  While we’ll have to wait and see if our zip code 94105 remained in the top 30 of all U.S. cities based on per capita income, we can see quite a bit of data about ages, sexes, nationalities, and types of housing (owner-occupied, rented, unoccupied – aka pied-à-terre).  Right now, I’m trying to convince folks that there is a growing number of children in the Rincon Hill neighborhood who need and deserve a playground TODAY.  The problem is that there are no playgrounds right now for kids to go to, so folks do not believe that kids exist in our buildings in Rincon Hill since they do not see them in groups as it is.

Well, the U.S. Census data tells us the following about zip code 94105 population numbers by age:

Summarized by Jamie Whitaker

As you can see, the number of kids under the age of 5 in zip code 94105 has increased by 950% since the year 2000 … from 20 in year 2000 to 210 in 2010.

Keep in mind that the census data for 2010 was due back by April 1st in 2010.  That was 19 months ago – time for some folks to have another baby or two.  I understand that there are about 80 kids who live at The Infinity condominium complex alone.  The question is what are we doing as a community and a City to make sure the families stay in San Francisco as their kids grow up?

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