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Neighbors Meeting Regarding CPMC and Health Care Service Availability in San Francisco

The Cathedral Hill Hotel on Van Ness at Geary shut down last Saturday. The plans are to turn the site into a CPMC hospital. Many neighbors in South of Market and nearby areas are concerned that a new CPMC campus on Van Ness could have negative impacts on the health care provided at St. Luke’s, another Sutter Health hospital along with impacts on the surrounding Cathedral Hill neighborhood and traffic.

While not fully aware of all the variables, I can definitely say that I’ve involuntarily sat through a political piece about CPMC’s plans while attending the SPUR luncheon this past Monday. I’ve also been called and asked to visit some web site to endorse the plans as is – clearly CPMC is gearing up for a fight with some of the stakeholders involved (neighborhood groups, healthcare workers and their unions, advocates for the uninsureed and socioeconomically disadvantaged, and so on).

I would encourage you to attend this meeting if you can – none of us pay much attention to hospitals and the healthcare system until we find ourselves or a loved one relying upon it.

Tuesday, November 10th at 7pm
St. Mary’s Cathedral
Gough and Geary Streets
Conference Room Level

California Pacific Medical Center – THE NEXT 12 MONTHS
Acheiving Healthcare Equity for San Francisco Neighborhoods

Neighbors, health advocates and community groups now have less than one year to affect the outcome of California Pacific Medical Center’s design and placement of hospital and health care services in San
Francisco. We want your input on scope,scale and services for the California, Cathedral Hill, Davies, Pacific and St. Luke’s campuses.

The next Planning Commission Hearing will be held on November 19, and the Commissioners will be receiving additional testimony and comments on the proposed Institutional Master Plan. Please join us to make sure
our voices can be heard in this important debate at: our City-wide Community Forum.

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