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Curbed SF: De Facto Parking Lot in Rincon Park

A friend sent me this link to Curbed SF that I want to share with y’all.

It is a snapshot of Rincon Park’s southern side, and it appears that the number of vehicles parked up on the sidewalks has multiplied as the opening date for the new Kuleto restaurants draws near. I can appreciate temporarily parking nearby for the purposes of loading and unloading equipment, but for the love of God – there are parking garages and surface parking lots in the area (try Piers 30-32, for example).

Here’s the link – call 311 to complain if you want to pursue it. I’m too busy at work to add that task to my plate.

I do wish WaterBar and Epic Roasthouse well when they open … and I look forward to trying both restaurants out in the future.

Read the posting on Curbed SF

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  1. 20 motor vehicles parked on the Embarcadero Pedestrian Promenade on Saturday afternoon, 1/19/2008. That’s a bit ridiculous when parents are trying to keep their kids safe by allowing them to rollerblade, bicycle, or ride in a stroller for a waterfront walk – vehicles are parallel parking between light poles. Come on guys (and gals)…. park the cars on the streets or in parking areas, not on the one pedestrian open space in Rincon Hill.