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DPW Keeps Rincon Hill Clean of Graffiti

I kept hoping somebody else might call 311 or visit their website at www.sf311.org to request graffiti abatement on the traffic signal box on the NW corner of Spear and Harrison. I first spotted the graffiti on that box in November 2009 (see photo below).

Photo by Jamie Whitaker taken in November 2009

Nearly a year and a half later, I finally broke down and decided to keep up my reputation as the noise maker activist for the Rincon Hill neighborhood and entered a request for graffiti abatement on this traffic signal box a couple of weeks ago. The Department of Public Works, as always has been the case, responded within 48 hours and re-painted the box (see below). This post is intended to highlight what an awesome job out Department of Public Works performs for us … and also to encourage you as a Rincon Hill neighbor to call 311 or register these issues with www.sf311.org too!

Photo by Jamie Whitaker. All cleaned up in March 2011.

Now, would anybody like to tackle the AT&T Phone Box on the corner of Harrison and The Embarcadero with a request for private property graffiti to get abated?

Photo by Jamie Whitaker in March 2011

How about this historic light pole just outside of Gordon Biersch on The Embarcadero?

Photo by Jamie Whitaker in March 2011

Or maybe this cockeyed pedestrian signal on the SE corner of 2nd Street at Market Street?

Photo by Jamie Whitaker in March 2011

There’s plenty of ground to cover, and the more of us helping to let the City know about things that need to get fixed, the better.

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