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Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd

Polls will be open from 7am – 8pm on Tuesday, November 3rd. There are 5 propositions along with City Attorney and City and County Treasurer positions on the ballot. Learn more at the Department of Elections website.

If you’re looking for some rationale about the propositions (along with recommended votes), I typically point folks to the non-profit public policy folks at SPUR for their voter guide.

If you did not register to vote by October 19, 2009, I am afraid that you are not eligible to vote in this election. However, I highly recommend that you do register to vote and to become a permanent vote-by-mail voter so that you can conveniently receive your voting ballot at home 3-4 weeks ahead of the election date and have plenty of time to learn about the issues, mark your ballot, and drop it in the mailbox (or drop off at the Elections Office at City Hall by their deadline).

For some insightful commentary about the November 3rd and upcoming elections in San Francisco, I highly recommend the SPUR Post-Election Recap on Wednesday, November 4th from 12:30pm – 1:30pm at SPUR Urban Center, 654 Mission Street. Free for SPUR members; $5 for non-members. I assume there will be some contemplation about what’s going to develop in our Supervisor race in District 6 along with District 8 and District 10 in 2010.

The next planned election day is June 8, 2010 when the partisan primaries for many California offices along with San Francisco County’s various County Central Committees and Superior Court positions are on the ballot.

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