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Election Day – Please Vote!

Have you voted in San Francisco’s municipal election yet? If not, today is the day to take care of your minimal managerial duties as a citizen of this great city by heading out to vote.

You may not feel terribly inspired to vote – and this concerns many folks, the idea that some of the seemingly “no chance” ballot initiative might actually pass because of the indifference about voting in this election. You can skip every candidate and most ballot initiatives if you want due to lack of interest, but I do strongly encourage you to vote No on H because of the backwardness of the proposal and increased danger it poses to pedestrians and bicyclists along with the environment in general by encouraging more vehicles to be driven into the City instead of public transit use.

When I was sitting in JFK airport in New York earlier today awaiting my Virgin America flight back home, I saw some of the video from Pakistan’s unrest. It made me very thankful to live in a well-established democracy (granted, we have our issues we need to sort out).

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