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Election Day – Polls Close at 8pm

Please remember to vote today by 8pm! Your vote truly is your voice, and with such a low turnout expected you get some extra say in who gets to do what for a couple of years, what state and local measures pass/fail, and who gets to graduate to run for whichever office in your political party in November is contested (sorry fellow Democrats, but we have a lack options in many categories). You can check to see where you are expected to cast your vote by visiting the San Francisco Elections Department website.

There are a plethora of election night parties – notably close to home is Kamala Harris (running for the Democratic nomination for State Attorney General) partying with our friends at Delancey Street Restaurant on The Embarcadero at Brannan.

If you did not register to vote in time this go around, follow me on Twitter as I spend the next several weekends collecting voter signatures for this and that. When I’m collecting petition signatures, I’ll also likely have voter registration cards with me for you to fill out on the spot. What can I say – I aim to please (and get more Rincon HIll neighbors active in local governing!).


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