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Election Day – Tuesday, November 6th

Please be sure to vote in the municipal election on November 6th. While the options for Mayor, District Attorney, and Sherriff may encourage you to mark a name (and maybe a 2nd or even 3rd choice) or to leave the ballot blank for those positions, it is very important that you do voice your opinion on the ballot measures.

I personally support voting Yes on A, No on H because I’d like to see better public transit and less encouragement of folks to drive alone in their cars at excessive speeds in the City and wreak additional havoc on pedestrians, bicyclists, and the environment in general.

SPUR is a fantastic organization for San Francisco public policy analysis, and they can help us figure these ballot measures out with their San Francisco Ballot Analysis 2007.

As my friend Gov. Howard Dean says, voting alone earns you a grade of C-. Please get involved in the governing of San Francisco, whether it be attendance at CACs, joining a neighborhood association and participating in those activities, or taking the Fire Department’s NERT training to be prepared for the next earthquake or other disaster that strikes. Please invest yourself in your community!

4 Responses to Election Day – Tuesday, November 6th

  1. Jaime, as a Florida resident, who spends half his time in San Francisco (living Near Rincon Hill) Please tell your friend Gov. Howard Dean that if he doesn’t count my vote on January 29, 2008 then he (and his party) will NOT get my vote in November 2008 (even if W runs again). Democrats be warned- Florida votes count!

  2. As a former Michigander, I see the same frustration being aired on http://www.MichiganLiberal.com. It would be nice if we could draw straws, so-to-speak, to mix up which states get to vote first for the party’s candidate. The state party folks knew the rules – and I would complain to your state party chairs if you’re concerned the State Party isn’t going to set up an alternate, later caucus date (as they’ve been doing for years in Michigan at least) that does fall within the DNC’s rules. Howard Dean may be the head guy, but the DNC’s members make the DNC rules … he just carries them out.

    In Florida, as in Michigan, I think the locals should be more concerned about getting rid of the useless elected officials at the local and state level rather than spending too much time and energy asking for exceptions to the DNC’s rules on caucusing and primary vote dates.

  3. I realize this is a Rincon Hill site, sorry for the interuption, I only posted ’cause you are friends with Howard Dean and thought he would like to know how Florida Democrats feel. I also realize he is only following out orders. You should know, however, that the Florida primary date was set by the Republican legislature with approval of the Republican Gov. and I am active in local politics.

    Democrats will have to try hard to lose the 2008 election; a good place to start is to deny Florida Democrats its vote in the nomination process. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  4. No apology needed … thank you for adding to the discussion! I hope to see many more contributions from readers going forward – I don’t want this site to seem like it is just a cult of personality thing about me and my thoughts only. I hope my efforts will eventually result in a neighborhood association for Rincon Hill with its own board of directors and so on… but that’s probably a bit of a pipe dream for now. 🙂