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Election Season Opens – Register to Vote by Mail

Soon, our mailboxes will be flooded with campaign-related mailings. Our telephones will also ring off the hook as the Do Not Call registry conveniently omits applicability to political (and non-profit) uses. Regardless of your political views, I would highly recommend that you register yourself to vote by mail permanently.

To do so, contact the City’s Department of Elections by telephone at (415) 554-4411 or email them at sfvote@sfgov.org to request a voter registration card. You can also find voter registration cards at the Mission Bay branch library on 4th at Berry Street (near Caltrain) or someone standing near the Ferry Building on any given Saturday morning with a ironing board full of their candidate’s paraphenalia.

Be sure to check the appropriate boxes to become a permanent vote by mail voter. While other folks enjoy going to the actual polling place and standing in line on election day, I prefer to get my ballot about one month before election day, mark my choices, and mark that civic duty as DONE.

If you’d like to verify that you’re registered to vote in San Francisco, you can easily do so online. You must be registered to vote by October 20th in order to vote in the November 4th election.

Brace yourselves – there are at least 22 ballot measures on the City and County of San Francisco ballots. My rule of thumb is to vote NO on everything I do not completely understand. I’d recommend keeping an eye out for SPUR’s voter guide for some guidance on the benefits and possible consequences of each measure (God bless them for researching all of the measures).

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