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Eminent Domain Awareness Show at Varnish Fine Art

I already posted a little bit of information from the regular email I received from Varnish Fine Art about the June 5th Eminent Domain Awareness show at Varnish Fine Art. Varnish co-owner Jen Rogers provided the following additional details about the show to share with y’all …

Join us for an evening of spoken word, live music and art as we raise awareness about eminent domain in our neighborhood as part of the Eminent Domain Awareness group show. On Friday June 5th, 7pm-Midnight Varnish hopes to educate the community on the government’s abuse of eminent domain and the subsequent damage to businesses and resident families. This free admission awareness-raising event features spoken word by the legendary Dead Kennedys frontman and activist Jello Biafra, recent Vice Presidential candidate and former SF Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez, newsman and Argonaut Editor Warren Hinckle, music by Burnt House and DJ Evil Justin, live screenprinting by Political Gridlock and The Firehouse, plus special surprise guest performers.

Few people know that a San Francisco agency, the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA), is eliminating 33 small, local businesses, including Varnish Fine Art, and numerous residences in order to demolish all properties and later resell the land. The TJPA is forcing Varnish, among the first tenants and years before the end of the lease, to vacate this September for an October 2009 demolition of its nearly 100 year old building. The future of Varnish has been robbed by the City. This gallery and wine bar will have to vacate 77 Natoma Street, but the owners hope that by raising awareness about this eminent domain threat they can stop its abuses on this and future San Francisco projects.

The Eminent Domain Awareness group show features some of the 200+ artists whom Varnish Fine Art has been proud to exhibit since opening in April 2003. In May of 2003, co-owners Jen Rogers and Kerri Stephens first learned about the TJPA’s neighborhood-devastating project in an SF Business Times article titled, “The Wrecking Ball is Swinging.” This is the final group show, but two solo exhibitions by painters Kevin Peterson and Michael Page will be displayed before the current location of Varnish Fine Art is demolished.

Gallery Directors Jennifer Rogers and Kerri Stephens opened Varnish Fine Art on April 19, 2003. Beginning with the remains of a brewery built just after the 1906 earthquake, Rogers and Stephens designed and rebuilt the space, including a main gallery, mezzanine gallery and wine bar, combining gallery with community.

Varnish Fine Art is a 21+ only venue.

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