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Expired No Stopping Signs

Photo by Jamie Whitaker (on 3/5/2011)

Up and down Main Street, there are several “No Stopping” signs left over from the 2/19/2011 Chinese New Year Parade event. Many are still loosely tied to parking meters, but some have fallen to the ground. I would think that the same City department that charges a fee to event organizers to hang these signs up would also come back around to remove the signs properly instead of letting them become litter and blight to blow around or wash down the street to who knows where. A similar thing happens with Bay to Breakers most years where they leave cut plastic ties lying on the ground where they at one time held flag poles or whatever other signage or props for that event.

Photo by Jamie Whitaker (on 3/5/2011)

If I find some spare time this week, I might take my knife out for a walk and remove all of these signs … but what the heck?!? Why isn’t this performed by the folks that hang them? By the way, I did toss that sign photographed on the ground into the trash can at Harrison and Main.

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