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February 5th Election – More than just an early Presidential Primary

Vote on February 5, 2008

If you are an American citizen at least 18 years old as of February 5, 2008, I hope you have registered to vote in the Presidential Primary election on February 5th. Even easier, I hope you consider signing up as a permanent vote-by-mail (formerly known as absentee ballot) voter so that all you have to do is fill in your ballot when it is mailed to you and drop it back in a mailbox by the deadline.

Even if you’re in the camp of folks who are non-partisan or just don’t care who is chosen as your preferred party’s candidate, you should register and be ready to vote February 5th because there are several other issues on the ballot that will affect you, what services you receive directly or indirectly, how your tax dollars are spent, and what you obligate yourself (via your government) to pay in the future via bond issues or permanent set asides for specific purposes.

City propositions on the February 5, 2008 ballot (see the City’s Voter Information pamphlet for more details on these propositions):

  • Proposition A – Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bonds, 2008 – A “yes” vote would approve the City issuing $185 million in general obligation bonds to construct, reconstruct or improve certain park and recreation facilities.
  • Proposition B – Creating a New Deferred Retirement Option Program for Members of the San Francisco Police Department – A “yes” vote would amend the City Charter to establish a “Deferred Retirement Option Program” (DROP) for eligible police officers to remain working for another 3 years. The City is short about 300 police officers right now.
  • Proposition C – Adopting a Policy that the City Acquire Alcatraz Island to Make It a Global Peace Center – A “yes” vote would indicate that you want it to be City policy that the City should explore and facilitate the acquisition of Alcatraz Island from the United States government for the purpose of transforming it into a Global Peace Center. God only knows what this would cost.

State propositions on the February 5, 2008 ballot:

Early voting begins January 7, 2008 in Room 48 (Department of Elections) at City Hall.

To become a permanent vote-by-mail voter, either indicate as much when you register to vote or call 415-554-4375 to request a vote-by-mail application. Note that if you do not vote in two consecutive statewide general elections, you will need to re-apply to be a permanent vote-by-mail voter.

Brace yourselves for two more elections in 2008 – the June state primary ballot and the November Presidential election.

One Response to February 5th Election – More than just an early Presidential Primary

  1. As a former member of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians (NO on Prop. 94) I believe it is critical that Californians educate themselves to these propositions.
    This really is a backdoor deal. The tribes are trying to convince us that this is a good deal because “$9 billion will go to the state”. Well, that could possibly be true, if every new slot generated the same volume as the busiest hour of the busiest day, 24/7. That simply won’t happen. The more slots you have, the less income the previous slots will earn.
    Additionally, the TRIBES are the ones who will tell you what they make. So in effect, they are telling you what’s on their W-2 forms without showing proof.
    The Pechanga Band has eliminated 25% of their tribe, even after the tribe’s own hired expert proved the families were Pechanga blood and part of the tribe. No matter, they had a goal to reduce tribal membership, in order to increase per capita. Before the first family was “disenrolled” the per capita was $15,000. After that, it went to $20,000 per month. Now, it is $32,500 per month after the last family was disenrolled.
    Do you not think that since Pechanga has cheated their OWN people, that they won’t cheat the people of California? They have spent MILLIONS trying to keep us from voting on the propositions and tens of millions more trying to convince you that these compacts are good. Why are they trying so hard? BECAUSE if the state gets $9 billion the four tribes (populaton of 2400 will get an additional $18 BILLION).

    Tribes like Pechang a should not be rewarded for cheating their people. There are plenty of tribes that need their slots to help their membership. Pechanga is only helping the few.