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Fresh news – Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association established in April 2007

I was happy to read on www.SocketSite.com that some residents and businesses seemed to have the same notion that I did, and they had the resources to jump right up to the challenge of establishing (formally incorporating) a Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association. The web site address is www.RinconHillNeighbors.org – and an initial welcome meeting is being planned for June. Read more in the One Rincon Hill newsletter.

I’m excited to learn more and to pursue opportunities to get involved in this brand new neighborhood association.

As for the fate of this web site that is only 2 months old give or take a few days of experimenting with different web log software platforms before the official launch, I plan on keeping it going with a less formal aim. I hope that folks will use it to socialize, announce events, share photos (via Flickr!), share videos (via YouTube), and however else our community decides RinconHillSF.org may fulfill other communication needs. I also plan to continue announcing CAC and other City/County/Other public entity meetings that I encourage folks to attend. I’m a big believer in regular folks getting actively involved in the governing of where they live.

Also, I have a podcast at www.SOMAcast.com that I’ve done off and on since July 2005. It is a hobby I do for fun to explore music and sometimes quip about political and other current events.

Please visit www.RinconHillNeighbors.com and sign up to get notified via email of their first meeting! See you there! 🙂

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