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Funds for Capital Improvements to Parks

For people with a desire to see improvements in the parks they use (Rincon Park or otherwise), there’s a meeting on the 19th that may be of interest ….

Meeting to Discuss the Community Opportunity Fund

On Wednesday evening (August 19th) you will have the chance to share your vital input on the Community Opportunity Fund. Don’t miss this important opportunity to impact the use of the $5 million allocated for the Fund by the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond (Prop A from February 2008 ballot).

As you know, the Community Opportunity Fund will allow park groups to partner with RPD on capital improvements in their park. At this moment, the program’s criteria are still being developed, so it is absolutely crucial that members of the public offer feedback now.

We hope that you’ll join us for a lively discussion on shaping this exciting program.

When: Wednesday, August 19th 6-8pm
Where: City Hall Room 305
Who: Hosted by NPC, TPL and the San Francisco Parks Trust, in conjunction with RPD

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