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God Bless Apple Inc. for Donating $100,000 to NO on Prop 8

Add Apple Inc. to the list of freedom-loving, patriotic companies that support equality for all … SFGate.com is reporting a donation of $100,000 to the No on Prop 8 campaign by most everyone’s favorite computer maker and media seller. Apple joins PG&E, Levi Strauss, and the founders of Google (I guess not the company itself, officially, but … praise by association – besides, they have offices in Rincon Hill at Hills Plaza) among other companies supporting the idea that no adult couples should be treated differently under the civil law.

As you may have read, the hate group … I mean Yes on Prop 8 campaign … is now threatening companies that gave money to No On Prop 8 unless those companies give money to their Yes on 8 campaign as well. How do you spell RACKETEERING?

Anyway … please support Apple, Google, PG&E* (*well, I guess we don’t really have an option there), and Levi’s for standing up for what’s right by using/buying their stuff.

Also, please donate to the No On Prop 8 campaign if you would like to stop the Mormon church, more or less, from imposing their beliefs onto Californians and taking away the rights of two consenting adults who happen to be the same gender from being treated the same as any other adult couple in love by the state of California.

One Response to God Bless Apple Inc. for Donating $100,000 to NO on Prop 8

  1. Makes me proud to own Macs. If my company was threatened by those crazy fundies, I would gladly thank them for the wonderful PR. Do they really think people who are fighting against this horrible injustice are going to be shamed by that fact? Uh, NO!