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Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Barrier Study

This caught my eye in The Examiner today.

The Golden Gate Bridge officials have set up a web site about the $1.8 million study of the technical feasibility to put up a physical barrier on the bridge to try to prevent suicide jumps. The web site address is www.ggbsuicidebarrier.org. It offers an opportunity for viewers to post comments.

I believe it is a shame that this public agency has been pressured down this road of spending $1.8 million (so far) to try to prevent suicides. Rational people have difficulty grasping the concept that suicidal persons are fairly irrational for whatever reason and will find a means to hurt themselves one way or another (hopefully without hurting others in the process). Just being a pedestrian in this City may be considered suicidal by some with the way drivers and bicyclists ignore the traffic laws, but that’s an entirely different pet peeve of mine.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a wonderful, beautiful structure as is. If money is going to spent on altering the bridge, how about setting up a barrier on the roadway so that vehicles driving in opposing directions do not have head on collisions so easily? How about improving the bicycle and pedestrian access to the bridge? At any rate – I wanted to let you know about the web site provided by this public agency that operates the Golden Gate Bridge. This is way off the map as far as Rincon Hill goes, but I believe the bridge is a tourist attraction and therefore a source of income for the City – making it relevant to all San Franciscans.

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  1. Who ever you are please go back to where ever you came from. I am a native of San Francisco – 3rd generation and tired of hearing from imports like you that have come to San Francisco from their dismal bergs spouting foolishness.

    You are totally uniformed – and moreover – morally bankrupt just like the directors managing the Golden Gate Bridge.

    You speak of using dollars to created better access – instead of searching for a soultion to the horror occurring daily at the Golden Gate.

    You seek better access to the Bridge – the fact that the access to the Bridge now is the principle contributing factor to the carnage.

    Have you ever considered why no one jumps from the Bay Bridge? No access …And your misguided theory that “they will just go somewhere else” is not only incorrect from all medical analysis it is just plan cruel.

    The Golden Gate Bridge is a loaded gun. One person a week now dies there – and records show over 2,000 have died to date.

    The solution is to raise the rail.

    The idea of raising the rail is simple – and will actually enhance both the structural integrity of the Bridge while also making it safe – the rails were originally intended to be over seven feet high.

    Death at the Bridge must be ended – it is a horrible blight on the City and even someone like you should have the decency to understand the effect of suicide not only on the families left behind but eventually on the City of my birth the City you now enjoy as a transient.

    Have you considered that there is no stretch in the World that has killed so many people ? Have you ever asked yourself why you don’t hear of the deaths happening ?

    Consider the outrage if someone was throwing a poodle off the Bridge once a week – and now tell me how you can ethically justify your position.

    Go home – and take the rest of your South Beach transplants with you …

  2. Personal attacks in comments on blogs do not lead to better communications between folks with deferring points of view or to the sharing of ideas.

    That said, I live in Rincon Hill – note the name of the blog – not South Beach.

    Secondly, if you’re going to tell me there is medical analysis indicating persons with suicidal tendencies will only kill themselves by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge and not by other means such as trying to cross 19th Avenue as a pedestrian, please do cite your source because that has the potential to change my opinion. However, I had two close relatives who killed themselves – one stepped out into traffic on a highway and another drank and drugged himself to death. Human beings are relatively free to do whatever they choose in America – they didn’t need a bridge to jump off to kill themselves.

    Rincon Hill is my home, and I suggest you get used to my voice.

  3. Ricon Hill like South Beach is the figment of the imagination of the outlander developers that acquired the site.

    It is not a neighborhood but an enclave of transients.

    Get used to it…

    When I grew up it was part of the waterfront most notably the location of a 76 gas station – and up the street from NMU ( the National Maritime Union ) if you would like I will send you a picture.

    More to the point…

    Suicide is preventable – and in the case of the Golden Gate Bridge – access is controllable. Control access and you will end suicides there.

    2,000 people have died on that one mile stretch yet the City and – residents like you remain unconcerned – my point.

    You write about limiting cars and traffic on 19th Avenue – how many deaths have occurred on 19th Avenue since 1937?

    I would suggest that a lot less than 2000. How many deaths occur on 19th Avenue a week? Certainly not the one a week, the mark the Golden Gate has now achieved.

    Why don’t you write about that?

  4. I do not regard the deaths of pedestrians and bicyclists in the City, most of whom I assume had no desire to die when struck by a vehicle, as having any similarity to the willingness of individuals who choose to jump to their own deaths from Golden Gate Bridge other than the end result – they’re all dead.

    I agree that the statistics are saddening … the record is horrible. I disagree with the effectiveness of spending millions of dollars in the name of saving people from hurting or killing themselves at that location when there are ample opportunities elsewhere for the same people to kill themselves – just take a walk over to Sutro Baths or another rock-filled cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Do we need to build a 9 foot fence along the border of the parks too? We cannot “Baby Proof” the entire City – and we should not aspire to infringe on our own freedoms to enjoy the City’s resources to try to control the will of others.






  6. “It’s a surprise to me that this number is going up, and I don’t …10 hours ago by kirkaracha
    An inside look at who jumps. Marin County Coroner Ken Holmes has released a study of 10 years of suicide jumps from the Golden Gate Bridge. [more inside]
    metafilter – http://www.metafilter.com/ – References


  8. The rails on the Golden Gate Bridge are too low you can lean
    over and fall. The police and Bridge authorities admit that they
    stop at least one person each week from killing themselves.

    And each week someone is successful and dies …

    Conservatively that means that 100 people a year attempt death
    and tragically one a week dies the most horrible way …

    The Bridge Directors have voted… to only study the death at the Bridge

    Help stop the carnage the rails on the Golden Gate have to be raised now !

  9. I believe you’re very passionate about this topic, and that is wonderful. Perhaps you’d like to start your own web log on the topic.

  10. I am working as hard as I can to educate the citizens of the bay area and the nation as to the horror occuring at the Golden Gate.

    (Edited out personal attack)

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