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Have you signed? Almost 200 neighbors have so far

Please sign my online petition

Thank you to my neighbors who have signed my online petition asking the Planning Commission to put the brakes on the proposed 430 main /429 beale street design and make the developer consider community input for the first time and to consider the Urban Design objectives and policies of the Rincon Hill Plan, altering the design to take into consideration the common open spaces at BayCrest Towers.

I’m just an individual doing my own grassroots thing – there is also an official effort that the BayCrest Towers HOA is carrying.

Please sign the petition if you agree the developers shouldn’t ignore their neighbors and that the developers should be considerate of neighbors’ common open spaces when designing new buildings on the same block (3 feet away, in this case).

I’ve posted information on the proposed project (publicly available documents from the Planning Department, like renderings, etc.) at http://livable.wetpaint.com

Thank you for reading and for your support!

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