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Jamie's Non-Partisan Candidate Vote Recommendations

Quick reminder – this web site is my personal blog and does not reflect the views/opinions of any organizations to which I belong.

While you’ve probably made up your mind about the partisan candidates for offices on the November 4th ballot, you may have no idea who to vote for under the non-partisan government jobs. Here’s how I marked my ballot, if you care to look over my shoulder (so-to-speak) for some advice …

Judge of the Superior Court, Seat #12 – Thomas Mellon
I voted for Thomas Mellon because I can’t imagine voting for such an indecisive politician as Gerardo Sandoval for the Judge of the Superior Court job. San Franciscans need someone in the courtroom who won’t waffle on whether or not criminals belong in jail.

San Francisco Board of Education Members – Jill Wynns, Emily Murase, Rachel Norton, and Jaynry Mak
I’m very offended that Mark Sanchez and Eric Mar ignored the best interests of the students and parents, and the community at-large to the degree that we benefit from keeping young people out of gangs in San Francisco, and spent so much of their time on the Board trying to kill off the JROTC program as an alternative to gym class, even when the JROTC kids are in better physical shape than those who took the traditional gym class in general. I’m supporting Board candidates who have pledged to bring back the choice for San Francisco students to take JROTC.

Community College Board Member – Steve Ngo, Natalie Berg, Milton Marks, and Mary Hernandez
I just went with the Plan C endorsements on this one more or less – they tend to go for the fiscally conservative candidates that I am more likely to agree with than the so-called progressives who seem to believe money grows on trees or appears out of thin air for their sometimes good, sometimes crazy programs and pet projects.

BART Director – District 7 – Lynette Sweet
She’s the incumbent, and BART is a wonderful transit system as far as I’m concerned.

As an aside, I agree with the SPUR voter guide positions on the San Francisco measures in general. They took no Position on Measure B, “Affordable Housing Set Aside.” I voted NO on measure B because set asides are almost always a horrible way to govern because they remove flexibility from the Mayor and the current BOS to allocate funds as needed to meet public demand for City and County services.

The League of Women Voters guide offers a quick look at that organization’s non-partisan suggestions for the state ballot propositions. For Rincon Hill neighbors, please vote YES on Prop. 1A (high speed rail). Also, I strongly hope you’ll vote No on Prop. 8 – please don’t vote to take marriage away from anyone.

Remember to register to vote as a permanent vote by mail voter if you haven’t already done so … you would have your ballot in your hands this week (mine arrived today). You have until October 20th to register to vote on November 4th. Happy voting!

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