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Jamie's SFUSD School Board Endorsements for November 4th

You may have read my previous posts that detail my frustration with current SFUSD School Board members and San Francisco Supervisor candidates Mark Sanchez and Eric Mar and their zeal to pursue their personal agendas to eliminate the JROTC from San Francisco schools, taking away an option and opportunity for young people to be a part of a structured group that offers leadership opportunities and may very well help deter kids from joining gangs.

The Examiner had an article today that discussed the possibility of saving the JROTC if the better School Board candidates are elected (read: Not the self-righteous Norman Yee and others ignore the wishes of SFUSD Parents and Students and pursue their personal crusades while the students’ interests be damned).

So, here are the folks that I (Jamie Whitaker) believe you should vote for if you support retaining the option for students to receive P.E. (physical education) credit via the JROTC program instead of gym class… not to mention the several other benefits of belonging to the organization. Note: This doesn’t reflect the opinion of any organization that I belong to – just using my personal blog for a bit of political opinion.

  1. Jill Wynns
  2. Rachel Norton
  3. Emily Murase
  4. Janry Mak

Of course, vote YES on San Francisco ballot measure V if you wish to keep the JROTC in the schools as an option for students. Learn more about the campaign to support Measure V. You have until October 20th to register to vote – and please register to become a permanent vote by mail voter so that your voice is heard regardless of your busy work/life schedule.

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