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John McCain with Lipstick

John McCain used to be a respectable man, but then he started saying and doing things for political convenience. After acknowledging the confederate flag was offensive at first in 2000, he changed his story in the name of political convenience to say that it was a symbol of pride – even though he was visibly in disagreement with the words coming out of his mouth.

John McCain’s wife and adopted child were attacked by the so-called Christians led by Jerry Falwell in 2000. Most folks in a similar position would only want to get close enough to Jerry Falwell ever again to choke the shit out of him for attacking their families. However, John McCain swallowed his pride in the name of political convenience once again. He went to kiss Jerry Falwell’s ass in 2006 and spoke at a commencement speech at Jerry’s school. John McCain used to be a respectable man.

At a time when most people are worried about serious issues facing America, we have John McCain’s campaign surrogates talking about lipstick. Shame on John McCain, and shame on the media for spending one second talking about lipstick. Shame on journalists for not focusing on the issues that matter to Americans like the economy, escalating healthcare costs, education and opportunity for our kids, and the environment.

What American can support a Presidential candidate who so clearly talks out two sides of his mouth – the side that reflects his honest feelings about a topic and another side that says what he’s been told to say, like some kind of puppet with no brain. We’ve had a puppet with no brain for President for the past 7 or so years, and America is in horrible shape. We don’t need another puppet … we need Barack Obama for President.

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