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Join Your Neighbors in the Bay Bridge Base Beautification Group

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

In addition to the land acquired off of 1st Street by the City to set up a pocket park, some engaged residents of the Watermark and other buildings in the area have been working with CalTrans and the City to figure out a way to turn the small strip of land on the NW corner of Beale and Bryant into an attractive, functional open space for the South Beach and Rincon Hill neighborhoods.

You can learn more by visiting the Bay Bridge Base Beautification (B4) group’s information site at http://web.mac.com/p.josh.wolf/b4project

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at 501 Beale Street (Watermark). The meeting agenda includes reviewing the neighborhood input of how the land may be repurposed and planning the meeting with CalTrans about going forward.

Here are the planned uses that have been suggested (ranked most important to least important by residents who attended prior meetings):
1. Plaza (with historic component/tribute),
2. Dog park
3. Parcourse (exercise circuit)
4. Terrace gardens
5. Children’s play area

9,999,999. (okay, that’s my editing at work – jw): Car share (Zip Car, etc.), Carpool, Parking

Residents who live nearby Bryant and Beale are encouraged to get in touch with the B4 group and attend the next meeting.

Congratulations to Josh, Marty, and the others who took it upon themselves to pro-actively work towards making their surrounding blocks more inviting and better for us all! Kudos!!

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