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Joke of the Day: The Examiner Editors Endorse Dishonest McCain and Unvetted Palin

I almost fell into the street laughing this morning when I picked up today’s The Examiner newspaper out of my curbside box and read “The Examiner endorses John McCain – Sarah Palin (for) Honest (HA!) budgets, Lower taxes (Ha! Sure, if you consider putting the burden on state and local governments as “lowering” taxes when the middle class and poor end up paying more via higher bus fares and other tickets/fees, right-o mateys!), and Strength abroad (Palin can see Russia from her house!).

I’m hoping this is their attempt at emulating The Onion newspaper because it completely lacks any sensibility and scrutiny on the part of The Examiner’s editors. This is a joke, guys, right?!?

I understand human beings are selfish, and that the Baby Boomer generation is doing its best to leave the restaurant without paying the bill, but how in the world can you put your faith into a man who has been saying things he doesn’t believe himself (that’s lying folks, pure dishonesty – in the south, we don’t associate with habitual liars … and we sure as hell don’t endorse or vote for them) and a woman who is a heartbeat away (and probably stands a better chance than most VPs considering McCain’s health history) from becoming President who has only been interviewed about her VP candidacy 3 times over the past 4 weeks – and the campaign continues to block reporters from asking her questions, continuing the opaqueness and misleading nature fortified by George W. Bush and his administration (Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, Satan – just kidding) over the past 8 years?

ATTENTION EXAMINER EDITORS – You endorsed a Presidential candidate who is being dishonest, saying what he’s told like a puppet in order to get elected and a Vice Presidential Candidate who we don’t know shit about.

Here’s a letter to the Editor I wrote to The Examiner yesterday after seeing their endorsement mentioned online. I doubt it’ll see the light of day in the newspaper, so here were my knee jerk thoughts yesterday:

Subject: Do you know who you’re endorsing for President and Vice President?

Dear Editors,

The McCain/Palin endorsement shocks me for two primary reasons. First, the McCain/Palin campaign continues to be opaque and disallow the media to talk to either John McCain or especially Sarah Palin in order to help Americans learn more about them before casting their vote. What are they trying to hide? Why won’t they talk to the media? Why so much orchestration and control? That’s the wrong strategy for an America that needs more transparency from its businesses and government. We don’t need another Administration that makes lying and ignoring the Constitution part of their standard operating procedures.

Secondly, John McCain could not look any more uncomfortable and in total disagreement than he does when he reads from the talking points he’s been given. He’ll say things he disagrees with in order to get elected – don’t you find that frightening?!? Just like the confederate flag comments he made in 2000, saying it should be taken down from South Carolina’s capitol building at first and then uncomfortably and tersely reading from a piece of paper in front of rolling TV cameras that the confederate flag should be left alone because it is a symbol of pride.

You really want to endorse a candidate that won’t talk to the media and says anything he’s told to say by lobbyists he’s hired to manage his campaign? Wow, you guys need some new sensibilities.

Jamie Whitaker
Rincon Hill

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