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Keeping the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Tidy

Since it is summer time and there’s not much in the way of news, I thought I’d make a post to mention that we can all help to keep our neighborhood clean. If you see beer bottles, coffee cups, or other junk that is safe to pick up and toss in a nearby trash can while walking around the ‘hood, please do so. While our streets are cleaned by the City, the sidewalks are pretty much left to the property owners who may or may not (I’m looking at U.S. Parking) keep them tidy.

While waiting on a Muni Metro rail car at the Folsom/Harrison stop yesterday, I spent about 10 minutes peeling around 40-50 “Hancock” movie promotional stickers off of the ticket machine, the advertising cases, and the glass separators on the platform. Around 15 stickers were on one advertising case alone with a H&M ad inside. A train arrived before I peeled all of them off, so feel free to pick up where I left off if you find yourself waiting for a train and see the remainder. I have no idea why a multi-million dollar movie project like Will Smith’s “Hancock” would more or less vandalize our neighborhood’s public transit platform when they risk pissing people off with such actions instead of encouraging them to see the movie. I’ll certainly be skipping the movie and mentioning the stickering to others … they should leave their guerrilla marketing stickers ideas in the trash.

Every little bit of effort to keep the neighborhood clean helps!

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