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Lights Out and Dimwits

I believe it is safe to say that this evening’s Lights Out event was a success. Congratulations to those who want to educate and to act in regards to sustainability and conservation.

I decided to take a stroll along The Embarcadero to check out landmarks like the Bay Bridge, Coit Tower, the Ferry Building, and the Transamerica building at night without their illumination. I went out to the end of Pier 14, passed by about 30 or so bicyclists exiting the pier as I walked along. I have to say, I didn’t really miss the Bay Bridge’s lights too much … nor the Transamerica builiding. The Ferry Building and Coit Tower definitely sparkle under their lighting though.

Now about the dimwits … or in this case, the 30 or so bicyclists who rode their bikes off of Pier 14 as I was making my way further out on the pier. When I got to the end of the pier, there was a videographer and a companion recording the Ferry Building or maybe Coit Tower… something that had its lights out. Looking around the end of the pier, there were several smashed Pabst and some other beer (Tazaco?) cans, paper bags, bottles, and other trash that I would expect to see on the lawn of a fraternity after a party was held. I quipped to the videographer, “It looks like someone had a party here.” He replied, “Yeah, it was about 30 or so folks on bicycles that just left … I tried to tell them.”

I was saddened … these kids didn’t get it… sustainability and conservation should not be celebrated by folks in a manner that litters and contributes to the destruction of our environment. Well, duh?!?!? These kids may have been bicycling around town without adding to CO2 pollution, but their contribution to the environmental problem is no less a sign that they are well-trained consumers and just like the Hummer owner or Gap founder Don Fisher and his asinine support of Proposition H in disregarding their impacts. I was too disgusted to pick up the kids trash … I just left. Something tells me the trash will end up kicked into the Bay where God only knows what will become of it, but those young folks sure did not contribute to Lights Out’s message of sustainability and conservation tonight.

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