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Lower Construction Costs and Brannan Street Wharf

After listening to a Port of San Francisco person at the South Beach/Rincon/Mission Bay Neighborhood Association meeting say yesterday that bids for new construction projects are already starting to go up and that’s part of the reason why the Brannan Street Wharf project needs yet another $3 – $7 million dollars on top of the $20 or so million they have today, imagine my surprise this morning when I ran across an article in The Examiner with the headline Project bids sliding down.” The story is about the School District getting bids for construction projects that are 20% cheaper than last summer’s bids for similar work. Perhaps the Port of San Francisco purchasing folks need to talk with the San Francisco Unified School District to learn how to save 20% of their our money.

Also, I asked Dan Hodapp about funding from the new SFPark parking meters along The Embarcadero installed by The Port as a revenue source, since they can now vary the parking rate for Giants ballgames and have extended the hours of operation, for the Brannan Street Wharf. He diplomatically said the money goes into The Port’s operating funds, and the Port Commission decides how that money is spent.

There will be a design meeting about the Brannan Street Wharf on Monday, July 6th at Pier 1 (I’ll have to check my notes for the time … I think 5:30pm or 6:30pm… I’ll update this post when I nail it down). If the Port gets money from the Federal Government to demolish Pier 36 and the remains of Pier 34, we MIGHT see this project moving along and relatively completed by the summer of 2012 – but all bets are off until we learn whether or not the Federal government will fill the $3 to $7 million gap for the project. Anybody have Christine Pelosi’s phone number? I kid … sorta …

If you ask me, I think it is time for waterfront neighbors to visit the Port Commission en masse and let them know that after initiating the process for the Brannan Street Wharf 12 years ago, we’d like that project to be given priority and for them to use a portion of their additional parking meter revenues to get it in gear – the Port Commission needs to stop jerking us around. I do appreciate Dan Hodapp and his colleagues at the Port who have to sing the song the Port Commission dictates – it is the Commission that needs to see and hear us if we want to get rid of the eyesore at Piers 34 and 36 sooner rather than later.

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