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Meeting re: 333 Harrison Street Plans

Again, the folks seeking to develop 333 Harrison have engaged the community and been very open … they’re good people.  We just need to let them know, in my opinion, that exceptions to the Rincon Hill Plan approved in 2005 aren’t something we’d like to go for. They can redesign and cut back on parking to meet the Rincon Hill Plan.  I will be mailing my letter spelling out my objections to the 333 Harrison Street project’s exception requests and variances. For example, they’re asking for 50 additional parking spaces above what the Planning Code allows and not providing hardly any family friendly units with only 4.5% 2-bedroom units or larger … the planning code requires 40% (way more than 4.5%) to be 2-bedrooms or larger (or 30% 3-bedrooms or larger). I’d rather just have the entire space as an open space park – we BADLY need as much park space in this neighborhood as possible given the plans for Rincon Hill becoming the most densely populated area of San Francisco, eventually superceding the density of Chinatown.

There will be a community meeting at One Rincon Hill on Thursday, March 12, 2009, at 6:00pm to discuss Emerald Fund’s proposed development of a park and building to be located at Harrison Street along the Fremont off-ramp immediately behind Bridgeview and in front of  One Rincon.   This is the site that is currently being used by Caltrans as a staging area for their construction work on the Bay Bridge and the ramps.  It was formerly a large parking lot.  The landscape architects will be presenting several potential schemes for the park and the architects and Alistair McTaggart of Emerald Fund will be presenting schematics for the building. 

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