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Mens' Egos in City Hall

The spat between Mayor Newsom and Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin appears to be escalating further, and the spat isn’t serving anything except their own egos.

I like the word ego – it stands for “Everybody’s Got One” in my book. However, our elected officials are doing us a disservice by slinging mud at one another in public instead of spending their time to improve the quality of life for San Franciscans. I encourage you to write our Mayor and our Board President an e-mail and ask them to stop this damn foolishness right now. Their e-mail addresses are gavin.newsom@sfgov.org and aaron.peskin@sfgov.org

I’d also like to share a portion of the February 2008 editorial from The Potrero View’s editor and publisher, Steven J. Moss, that provides a perfect explanation for why we have to manage our elected officials instead of leaving them to their own devices. In this month’s editorial, Mr. Moss wrote:

Without occasional scrutiny from someone, and absent a willingness to call bad behavior what it is, community representatives, nonprofits, and politicians are left to police themselves, and community stakeholders are kept in the dark about important goings-on. The result can be a tendency towards repeating high school: cliquish groups that are defensive of outsiders; free-range bullies and know-it-alls; and a sense of apathy and disengagement by all the kids who are insufficiently cool, or just don’t have the time, to be insiders.

None of us want to spend time policing our elected officials, but if we don’t police them, we can’t expect our quality of life to improve in San Francisco while our Mayor and Board of Supervisors engage in character assassination and political games.

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