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Mercury News Calls Out Delusional High-Speed Rail Authority

In today’s Silicon Valley Mercury News, a year in review calls out the delusional ideas of the California High-Speed Rail Authority in regards to ridership (look at the month of December in the article) …

And the agency designing California’s high-speed rail program admitted that fares will be much higher and ridership lower than earlier projections, while the cost of the project has risen by nearly $10 billion. But officials still insist the line will be profitable. They also probably believe in Santa Claus.

By the way, our community has collected 150 signatures so far on the online letter directed to the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s Board Chairman and its Executive Director … please sign it now and ask your California friends to sign it if you have not already done so. We need to collect 1,500 signatures to have an impact … if nothing else, I would hope that it may persuade the CHSRA Board to hold a Board meeting in San Francisco to face the residents of Rincon Hill and South Beach for whom their refusal to table the “Beale Street Alternative” is creating additional anxieties beyond those already created by the economic recession (risk of job loss, already reduced real estate values, stalled projects, etc.).

Please sign the petition today … www.My94105.com

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