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Help to Design a Kids "Tot Lot"

While initiated primarily by Mission Bay parents, I would think that Rincon Hill and South Beach parents whose children would likely be users of a childrens’ tot lot in Mission Creek Park would be welcomed to contribute to the Mission Bay Families group and their tot lot design project.

The Mission Bay Families web site provides the basic information about the group and their first project – designing a tot lot for kids in Mission Creek Park.

If you want to be involved in providing input for the design of this new childrens’ tot lot in Mission Bay, please attend the August 17th meeting at 6pm at the Mission Bay Pavilion Building, 301 Channel Road in Mission Bay.

If you’re interested but cannot attend this meeting, I’d recommend that you at least sign up for the group’s Google Groups discussion list at http://groups.google.com/group/mission-bay-families 

Hat’s off to Sarah for empowering herself and her neighbors to tackle this project that will benefit her neighborhood and the kids from the surrounding area for decades to come once it is completed.

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