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Mormon Families Give 77% of Money to Take Away Rights of LGBT Persons in California to Marry

Will California voters succumb to writing the Mormon religion’s hatred into our state’s Constitution this election? The Mormon church is doing its damndest, from Utah and beyond, to change California’s Constitution this year and to write discrimination into our State’s founding document. Anybody remember the notion of separating church (or cult, as the case may be) and state?

According to Fred Karger in an article in today’s Huffington Post, $18.6 million of the $22.88 million raised by “Yes on Prop 8” (about 77% of the total) since June 1st has been contributed by members of the Mormon church. As I’ve vented about before in this space, leaders of the Mormon church commanded their member families to give at least $1,000 each to take away the rights of LGBT Californians this election.

From the article….

On June 20th, three days after same-sex marriage became legal in California, the top leadership in the Church, known as the First Presidency, sent a letter to be read to all Mormons to “do all you can to pass Proposition 8.” The Wall Street Journal reported on September 20th, that church members were told “their souls would be in jeopardy” if they do not donate money. Mormons are already required to give 10% of their income to the church, so these donations dig further into the savings accounts of its followers.

Despite tough economic times, an amazing 59,000 Mormon families have succumbed to substantial pressure from church elders, and have given huge amounts of money to California’s Yes on 8 campaign. These Mormon families have given a staggering $18.6 million since June 1st and the total grows daily. This represents 77% of all money raised and 88% of all individual money raised (not including funds from the big out of state organizations). In Arizona where a gay marriage ban is back on the ballot after losing just two years ago, Mormon families have contributed nearly all of the $6.9 million to the Yes on 102 campaign. What is going on here?

Again, I cannot understand why a religious organization would focus so much of their resources on hateful acts when the resources could be helping to lift people up during these tough economic times. Terrorizing LGBT persons is despicable, and the Mormon church should be condemned by other religious leaders for such acts of hatred in my humble opinion. Utah should not be able to change the California Constitution for God’s sake – especially not to write hatred into the Constitution. That’s wrong.

If you don’t like the idea of a cult terrorizing your gay neighbors and friends, please get out your credit card and go to the www.NoOnProp8.com web site right now and contribute $1,000 to match the contribution of just one of the Mormon families who have succumbed to this hateful act imposed on them by their church leaders.

There is a fundraiser for No On Prop 8 this Friday in the Financial District (though I plead with you to just go to the www.NoOnProp8.com web site and donate online now because time is of the essence with Californians already voting by mail). Information about Friday’s fundraiser is as follows:

Pursuit of Equality

Defeat Prop 8 at the Bently Reserve

Please join Equality California for a fabulous evening of food and fun (think champagne and celebrities) to raise funds for No on Prop 8.

Tickets $100

Friday, October 24
7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The Bently Reserve
301 Battery St.
San Francisco

Buy Tickets Today

Please don’t let the hate groups win this one … stand up, fight, no regrets on November 5th. Call ALL of your California voter family and friends and ask them to VOTE NO on PROP 8. Thank you.

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