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Mormons Shocked to Learn that Gays Hit Back When Attacked

In an article that quotes two Bay Area members of the Church of Latter Day Saints (otherwise known as Mormons) who gave $30,000 each to the Yes on Prop. 8 campaign, it would appear that Mormons are a little taken aback that LGBT folks are punching back after their church’s leaders chose to launch an attack to take away LGBT rights in California via support for Prop. 8. While Catholic, evangelical Christian, and Orthodox Jewish religious groups have also taken the hateful stance to change California’s Constitution so that adult LGBT couples are treated differently by civil law, only the Mormon church’s members have contributed somewhere between 40% and 77% of the total money to pass this evil Proposition. Has anyone heard of separation of church and state, for starters? Secondly, why is Utah trying so hard to take away the rights of Californians?

The Mormon church chose to make tearing people down (specifically, LGBT Californians) their number one effort/project in 2008 instead of helping to lift people up who are suffering during this economic downturn. The flood victims in the middle of the United States (even hurricane Katrina victims from 2005) still need help, Americans who are starving in order to buy their needed medications, thousands of people who lose their homes each month to foreclosure who need sheltering, and millions who do not get the proper medical care because our health care system is too expensive for many to afford until there’s an emergency could all use some lifting up via donations to non-profits geared to help them. Wouldn’t the $60 million or so raised by both sides go a long way if it were contributed to the American Red Cross instead of going towards this measure that divides Americans? It defies all of my logic why a supposedly well-meaning religion would tell its members to donate at least $1,000 each (and much more in some cases, as evidenced by the $30,000 individual donations cited in today’s article) to tear people down in what cannot be described in any manner other than an act of hate.

I’m glad that LGBT and straight ally Americans are stepping up for equality for all and freedom FROM some religions’ beliefs. This is all about money …. if you can just give $500 or $100 right now, that’d be very helpful for the NO on Prop 8 campaign to buy TV air time and to get the message out before next Tuesday that no one should be treated differently under our state’s laws and it is wrong for the Constitution of California to be changed by voters to take away the rights of fellow Californians.

The Mormon church leaders will hopefully hear back from their members that in the future, they should stick to lifting people up instead of attacking minority groups, trying to tear them down, and attempting to take away their rights. When you attack someone, they will hit you back if they have any common sense. If they don’t hit back, and hit back hard, what rights will the Mormon church or other groups try to take away next?

Please, VOTE NO ON PROP 8 – do not take any Californians rights away.

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