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Multi-Use Sports Arena on Piers 30/32?

According to a post on WarriorsWorld.net, we’ll get an official announcement this week about the intentions to move the Golden State Warriors to a new, multi-use arena to be built on top of Piers 30-32 by the 2017-2018 NBA season.

This sounds very exciting to the extent that San Franciscans won’t have to travel to San Jose or Oakland for the big entertainment acts if we have a 20,000 seat arena in our backyard … not to mention NBA basketball.  It would provide a big draw year-round to help keep the waterfront active and our nearby businesses busy in the evenings after the commuter daytime downtown workers have gone back home to the east bay, south peninsula, and Marin.

On the other hand, I can’t imagine another sporting complex adding to the already treacherous rush hour vehicle traffic along The Embarcadero without causing major quality of life issues for residents in Rincon Hill, South Beach, South Park, and Mission Bay. Of course, hardly anybody who actually lives in South of Market are involved in these discussions, and nobody who lives elsewhere really gives a crap about the negative externalities that residents along the SoMa waterfront are burdened with.

Perhaps this is the impetus for implementing traffic congestion pricing to mitigate the air pollution, waste of fossil fuel, and dangers to full-time pedestrians living along the SoMa waterfront caused by traffic backups around the Bay Bridge.

The devil is in the details …. however, when the community hasn’t really been consulted at all from the outset, things won’t likely go well at first.  Read a bit more here: http://www.warriorsworld.net/2012/05/20/breaking-warriors-moving-sf-2017/

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