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Muni Proposes Eliminating Weekend N Judah Metro Service for Waterfront Neighborhoods

As you may have read in the San Francisco Chronicle today, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency expects a $128.9 million budget deficit in fiscal year 2009-2010 that begins July 1, 2009. In order to balance the budget, the agency is proposing Muni service reductions and staff cuts.

While reductions of service and route changes for Muni lines 1-California, 10-Townsend, and 12-Folsom probably are not a big deal for the Rincon Hill neighborhood segments served, I am very alarmed about the recommendation to eliminate weekend service of the N Judah metro rail line past Embarcadero Station and hope that you share my alarm and desire to ask SFMTA to leave waterfront neighborhoods’ weekend N-Judah metro rail service alone.

While I’m thankfully able to get around on my own two feet and can ride a bicycle to Mission Creek park, the Mission Bay Branch Library, to Caltrain, and other destinations further south of the Bay Bridge, there are many of our neighbors who cannot get around so easily … and that number will increase as more empty nesters and other older residents move into Rincon Hill. The T-Third metro line is a single car line, and it is pretty unreliable because of the turn it makes off of 4th Street onto King Street among other reasons.

Perhaps an alternative is to let every other N-Judah metro train go to Caltrain at 4th and King on the weekends … and/or ramp up the E-Embarcadero street car service on the weekends. This would help fill the void for the Rincon Hill, South Beach, and Mission Bay neighborhoods. Especially for Rincon Hill residents, because of the increasing population and lack of transit options going through the neighborhood to get people to grocery stores and other resident servicing businesses, it is important that the City doesn’t cut off our efficient transit option on the weekends.

Please get out your pens, paper, and stamps and write letters to Mayor Gavin Newsom, to Supervisor Chris Daly, and to the SFMTA Board of Directors and please send emails with 200 words or less to the various newspapers’ editors (this last item is especially effective – if I’ve learned anything it is that government employees hate being called on the carpet in the media and usually react if the volume is loud enough from the residents’ outcrys). Addresses are provided below. The letters should share why you personally depend on N-Judah metro service on the weekends and ask that the N-Judah service be maintained on the weekends or perhaps every other N-Judah train get sent past Embarcadero to Caltrain and/or the Muni E-Embarcadero street car service begin operating on the weekends. Remind these people that the waterfront neighborhoods south of Market Street account for quite a large portion (if anybody knows the exact numbers, please email them to me at jamie@rinconhillneighbors.org) of property tax, transfer, and other revenues these days, and we deserve equitable treatment on the weekends for those huge contributions to the City’s budget. All letters must be received by addressees by Friday, April 10th.

After you write the letters, please plan on attending one of the following public meetings to voice the same outcry to retain public transit service along the waterfront rails south of Embarcadero Station.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009, at 2 p.m.
SFMTA Board of Directors Meeting
Room 400 in City Hall

Tuesday, April 14, 9 a.m.
SFMTA Board of Directors Policy and Governance Committee
One South Van Ness Avenue, 2nd Floor Atrium Conference Room.

Saturday, April 18, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Information Meeting on the SFMTA Budget and Proposed Service and Fare Changes
One South Van Ness, 2nd Floor Atrium Conference Room.

Tuesday, April 21, 2 p.m.
SFMTA Board of Directors Meeting
Room 400, City Hall.

Thursday, April 30, 2 p.m.
Special SFMTA Board of Directors Meeting on fiscal year 2010 Budget
Room 400, City Hall
Note: The SFMTA Board of Directors is scheduled to vote on a budget balancing plan at this meeting.

In addition to encouraging attendance at the upcoming meetings, the SFMTA requests public feedback on the budget balancing options and proposed service reductions and modifications via:

* E-mail: sfmtabudget@sfmta.com
* Telephone: 311 or TTY 415.701.2323 or outside San Francisco 415.701.2311
* Facsimile: 415.701.4502
* U.S. Mail: SFMTA Board of Directors, One South Van Ness Avenue, 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94103

NOTE: All written comments on the declaration of a fiscal emergency on the Board’s April 7 agenda must be received at the SFMTA by Friday, April 10.

Mailing addresses for your letters:

Mayor Gavin Newsom
City Hall, Room 200
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102

Supervisor Chris Daly
City Hall
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244
San Francisco, Ca 94102-4689

SFMTA Board of Directors
One South Van Ness Avenue, 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA, 94103

Newpapers’ Letters to the Editor Email Addresses

San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Examiner
Bay Area Reporter
San Francisco Bay Guardian (and Op-Eds for consideration to Tim Redmond)
SF Weekly

3 Responses to Muni Proposes Eliminating Weekend N Judah Metro Service for Waterfront Neighborhoods

  1. They will argue that the T line provides redundancy in the system. Is the turn at King Street still slowing down the line? Even on weekends? As I watch trains just sitting there, it just doesn’t make sense to me. That might be another issue to address in the hearings noted.

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  3. I’m sure you’re right about the redundancy stance. The T-Third does run the same route as the N-Judah heading towards Caltrain except at 4th and King where T-Third turns left onto 4th Street and N-Judah crosses 4th to terminate. The frequency of the T-Third line seems very erratic. The other day (Saturday afternoon), I was on the Folsom/Harrison platform for less than 3 minutes when a inbound N-Judah showed up, and the NextMuni sign indicated the next N-Judah would show up in about 11 minutes while the next T-Third trains would come at about 16 and 23 minutes. I would think UCSF Mission Bay, the San Francisco Giants, and the businesses between Embarcadero Station and Caltrain would raise a fuss ..as would folks living on the west side of the City who don’t want to transfer trains or ride N-Judah and then board a bus to get to Caltrain on the weekends. Who knows … glad I’m able to get around on my own two feet or by bicycle, but I fear other folks will just hop in their cars and drive down to Daly City or somewhere else to do their grocery shopping and so on.