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Neighborhood Beautification – Take Down Political Signs Posted on Public Property*

When starting my walk to work this morning, I had no idea I’d be volunteering some time towards neighborhood beautification.

As I walked up Main Street to work this morning, there were three ugly political signs nailed up on the wooden utility poles. The last thing Rincon Hill needs is divisive political crap trashing up our neighborhood – I’m still trying to get a street light on Main fixed without people repurposing the pole as a political advertisement stand.

I’d like to encourage you to also rip down political signs* that you see hung on public property while you walk around Rincon Hill.

* As SF_Berry graciously reminds us in the comments, we should leave alone those signs posted perfectly legally lest we want to be outlaws and possibly get fined. Read more about what’s legal/legit at the DPW web site.

Please properly dispose of any signs you remove. Our neighborhood needs all the help it can get from those of us who live here to keep it beautiful.

God knows the City only seems to sweep up the sidewalks along the surface parking lots just before the Bay to Breakers event – sorry, I’m still in a foul mood from almost getting killed by a driver this morning. VOTE NO ON H!

4 Responses to Neighborhood Beautification – Take Down Political Signs Posted on Public Property*

  1. I applaud your effort at beautification, however some signs (including “ugly political ” or “divisive political “ones) may be legal, and removing them would be illegal! subject to a $50-$500 fine; you may wish to check out:


    “how do I ……legally post a sign in SF?”

    Ordinance No. 222-06

    before advocating illegal activity.

    btw, NAILING up a sign is not permitted, so you were safe in tearing them down. Good luck on the street light.

  2. Thanks for the link and advice … the signs were definitely outside of the legal parameters (nailed up, larger than a piece of paper, etc.). Honestly, we could use a cleaning up of the “legal” signs from poles though … there’s stuff from Rincon Hill Planning meetings (2-3 years old?) on poles in the neighborhood still.

    At any rate … thanks for the comments and links! 🙂

  3. signs must be removed 70 days after the posting date (legable in the lower right-hand corner [SEC. 184.57 (c) 6] or 10 days after the election or event. [SEC. 184.57 (e)]

    so remove all the out of date signs, over-sized ones (>11″), those without a posting date, or improperly affixed. Unless of course if they are Gov’t signs or you like what they say 🙂

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