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Neighborhood Meeting this Wednesday, 6pm re: 430 Main and 429 Beale Streets – Tell Them To Forget It!

Please visit http://livable.wetpaint.com and sign our online petition to ask for a redesign that takes into consideration the livability and quality of life of the neighborhood – don’t let them build a 84 foot Berlin Wall and close off BayCrest towers’s open space from sunlight – there has to be a more fair design that doesn’t hurt the community as much. Be a good neighbor when developing in Rincon Hill …


Case Nos. 2007.1121XV: 430 Main / 429 Beale Street – Feel Free to use these images in your own letters to Ben Fu, Planning Department, 1650 Mission Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103

The community meeting hosted by the developer is Wednesday, March 18, 2009 from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm at the South Beach Harbor Services Community Room between Pier 40 and AT&T Park.

113 residential units proposed to be shoehorned into this TOO SMALL OF A SPACE immediately south of BayCrest Towers, requiring several exemptions and variances from the Rincon Hill Plan that our community just put our efforts into passing in 2005 … NO WAY, NO HOW, NO EXCEPTIONS for 430 MAIN/429 BEALE!!

Satellite image of subject area

They want to take away our natural sunlight and create shadows, especially for residents who live in units with their only window facing the BayCrest open space/courtyard recreational area. This is a huge negative environmental impact from an aesthetic and recreational standpoint. Will the solar panels used to get electricity to heat the pool be blocked? Probably. Will people living in units facing the courtyard have to run their heaters and lighting fixtures more often, creating more CO2 emissions? Yes. NO WAY, NO HOW, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Planning Department Public Document with edits

This design is too large in order to acommodate the RIncon Hill Plan and other Planning Code Requirements. Even worse, they’re asking for an exemption from a Planning Code that requires a 45 degree angle opening to the sky from ALL directions from a building’s courtyard while COVERING UP BAYCREST TOWERS’S ONLY 45 DEGREE ANGLE OPENING TO THE SKY, TAKING AWAY OUR SUNSHINE AND SIGNIFICANTLY IMPACTING BAYCREST RESIDENTS’ ENJOYMENT AND AESTHETICS OF THEIR UNITS AND COURTYARD/SWIMMING AREA. What the hell sense of fairness is that?!?!? We didn’t say it was okay to block our single 45 degree angle opening to natural sunlight.

At the community meeting on March 18th, tell them to use their brains to redesign the plans or go fish in some other neighborhood that will accept their half-baked and negative impacting development plans. They need to cut out the majority of the center of their building design in order to maintain a 45 degree opening to the sky from the BayCrest Towers courtyard/swimming area/open space. Planning Commissioners must deny this project unless it sticks to the idea of ensuring sunlight access to units and internal courtyards. They also need to plan on providing up to 32 feet of sidewalk space on each side (Main and Beale) to match the planned widened sidewalks on those streets. Finally, the Rincon Hill Plan calls for adequate open space per residence – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Planning Department Public Document with edits

The bottom line is that they’re trying to shove a cow in a poodle’s travel carrier .. and they’re asking for exceptions to the Rincon Hill Plan because they cannot meet the Planning Codes that were established to prevent just this sort of half-baked, rigged design from mucking up the Rincon Hill neighborhood. Not every building should be hundreds of units and 8 stories high … if you don’t have the property area to do it, forget it! Even ruder of this developer is that they’re totally blocking off the one 45 degree opening to natural sunlight provided to the inner courtyard and courtyard-facing units at BayCrest, and that should put a bullet in this project’s plan as a non-starter for Rincon Hill neighbors.

This is the view from my studio condo’s window at 8:30 am on 3-10-2009 … is it right to take away what little sunlight my unit and our courtyard receives from the opening between the Bay Bridge and the tops of the buildings below? No.

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