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Notes from 4/21/08 Rincon Point – South Beach CAC Meeting

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

Here are some of my notes (with some editorial from yours truly) from Monday’s Rincon Point – South Beach CAC meeting.

1) Seawall 337 (Parking Lot A) – Today, the Port Commission voted as expected to continue talks with 3 competing groups about Seawall 337. A more detailed RFP will be released in mid-May and due in late August.

2) Brannan Street Wharf (see my photo to the right) – Thanks to all of us good citizens who voted Yes on Proposition A (Parks Bond) on the February 2008 ballot, an additional $3 million was provided in addition to the existing $17 million to (my comic license being used here) bulldoze/blow-up/rid us of Pier 36 and the remnants of Pier 34 in order to create open space and other amenities for the community. The RFP to hire a design team for the Brannan Street Wharf was approved, but it is being delayed by the Port under the auspices of saving resources if it is held back and released with a similar RFP for a promenade at Pier 43. This means the RFP for the Brannan Street Wharf project (and Pier 43) won’t come out until June, and they will likely choose a design team from those who propose their services in October 2008. In the meanwhile, it is an unsafe area and a black-eye in our community.

3) There was a question about Shorenstein wanting to build office buildings on Piers 30-32 instead of the piers right beside the proposed new cruise ship terminal at Pier 27 (ditching the idea of using Piers 29-31 for the development). The Port’s representative had nothing to add – though I did notice an agenda item for today’s Port Commission meeting that bunched together Piers 27-31 and Piers 30-32 for purchase/lease, but it was going to be discussed in their closed session (non-public).

4) On the bright side, things are moving along at a wonderfully refreshing, positive pace in regards to the Caltrans parcel on the NW corner of Bryant and Beale streets. The plan is to beautify the 2 acres of land sitting below the Bay Bridge, to provide public access, to have a historical plaque, and to provide a dog exercise area for the plethora of dogs that live in the surrounding neighborhoods. I’m so impressed and thrilled with the progress Marty and Josh have made with this project and with engaging the State and the City and County of San Francisco.

5) AT&T Park’s representative mentioned the Kenny Chesney concert coming up on June 8th.

6) The CAC is looking for members living in eligible properties to be resident members.

7) The results of a study regarding changes to MUNI, otherwise known as the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP), will be presented at several community meetings over the next month or so. Visit www.sftep.com to learn more. The SoMa meeting is on Wednesday, May 14th from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. at Bessie Carmichael Elementary, 375 7th Street (between Folsom and Harrison streets). One of the CAC’s board members suggested we all try to attend a meeting.

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