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Obama is Against Prop 8 – Vote NO on Prop 8

The bastards who want to write discrimination into the California Constitution are lying again … distributing flyers to homes in Oakland and the Bayview/Hunter’s Point neighborhoods that indicate Barack Obama is in favor of writing discrimination into the California Constitution. Please help to stop the lies and misinformation … please contribute today to get this response to the hate groups lies about Obama distributed and on the air.
On election day, I’ll be stationed at a voting precinct in Pleasanton encouraging voters to Vote No on 8. The No on 8 campaign says that Alameda County could determine whether or not Prop 8 loses (with a NO majority vote), and I want to do all that I can to get as many NO votes on Prop 8 in Pleasanton as I can. Interested in volunteering too? – you should probably just head down to the campaign office in the old Tower Records store space on the north side of Market Street just before 16th/Noe and ask how you can help instead of waiting for emails or whatever.

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