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OccupySF Picks Appropriate Location for Protest

Photo credit: Jamie Whitaker

If ever there were an appropriate publicly owned location in downtown San Francisco for the protest against our elected politicians working to benefit the 1% instead of the rest of us (the 99%), the south end of Justin Herman Plaza is it.

Last year (2010), lobbyists at Platinum Advisors pulled their strings on their buddy, then-Mayor, Gavin Newsom and asked him to help get two bocce ball courts built in place of one of the few lawns of grass in downtown San Francisco. While bocce ball courts are about the last thing needed by the 600 kids trapped in daycare centers near their parents’ workplaces every weekday and the 300+ (and counting) kids growing up in Rincon Hill’s mid- and high-rise towers a little further south, Salesforce’s lobbyists got what they wanted, and we now have two bocce ball courts that are very rarely used. The 1% won again!

The 1,000+ kids still need a playground near the Ferry Building … and as a community, we’re working on it with the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department thanks to the help of Supervisor (and Mayoral candidate) David Chiu.

I believe it is very appropriate that the bocce ball courts have been taken over by the 99%. I personally support the OccupySF group speaking out against our government’s politicians effectively working for the richest 1% instead of the 99% of Americans. It is about time we take back our government from the richest 1%. If you don’t understand it, you may want to try to pay better attention to the world around you or take a look at this collection of charts that explain the frustrations well. If you do understand it, I hope you’ll vote on November 8th because our vote is the only thing that threatens the power of the corrupt politicians and the lobbyists/corporations that raise money for them in return for favors.

Photo credit: Jamie Whitaker

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