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SF PUC's Street Light Fixed, the PG&E Owned Street Light Still Dark

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker.

Thank you to the folks at the San Francisco Public Utility Commission who fixed the street lamp on the NW corner of Harrison and Spear Street last week (or at least that’s when I noticed it fixed for the first time). Now pedestrians can walk between the data centers and cars parked on the street without as much worry of folks hiding in the shadows and of stepping in dog poo or other unsanitary what not.

Now, about the street light located on Main Street just a little south of the vehicle entrance to the USPS building … it still isn’t illuminated, and it is quite dark in that section of the sidewalk …. giving muggers an opportunity to park against the sidewalk there and wait for their prey. Please, SF PUC PG&E, you’ve proven that you can change a light bulb on Harrison at Spear … how about one more fix your PG&E-owned light on Main Street, the 2nd street lamp post south of Folsom Street…. or at least someone send me a reason why it can’t be fixed, if that’s the case… 10-31-07: I’ve got to give credit to SF PUC – I thought the Main Street lamp belonged to them, but it is actually the responsibility of PG&E. Who says a municipal entity cannot be more efficient than a private company? Wrong! SF PUC proves itself much more efficient in this case.

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