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Opening The Embarcadero to Recreational Activities on a Weekend Day

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(from How Weird Faire, 5/4/08)

Today’s San Francisco Chronicle and The Examiner newspapers have an idea floated by Mayor Newsom to use The Embarcadero and other streets in the more urban, densely residential neighborhoods as community recreational space. My first reaction is “Fabulous! When can we start doing this in Rincon Hill?”

Newsom Envisions Dancing in S.F. Streets – San Francisco Chronicle

With the 94105 zip code (the Rincon Hill neighborhood, more or less) population expected to increase from about 2,000 in the year 2000 to around 15,000 by 2015, we absolutely need more open space. I like the idea of using The Embarcadero along the waterfront for a few hours on Sunday because the residents, while working in offices downtown and throughout the Bay Area Monday through Friday, could really only make use of large open spaces on the weekends anyway. Also, I consider the Rincon Hill neighborhood to be the heart of public transit in the Bay Area, and this opens up what could potentially be a wonderful pedestrian and bicycle promenade filled with exercise activities, music, and other community-building events to not just Rincon Hill, South Beach, and Barbary Coast neighbors but for the millions of folks living in the Bay Area.

If you agree that this is a great idea, please start thinking about how we can build support and make it a reality. This could be a great community project for us in Rincon Hill – to get a few hours on Sundays to expand our open space for recreation on The Embarcadero between Bryant and the Market Streets. This won’t happen without our involvement though – remember, the only folks who like changes are wet babies. There are a lot of folks who LOVE their cars and would rather be selfish and not give up 4 or 6 hours of being able to drive along The Embarcadero on Sundays for the sake of providing open space for the resdients who live here all the time and are contributing a hell of a lot of new property tax dollars to the City and County.

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