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Thank you to friends and neighbors who attended MTA Board meeting

1:10pm Update: I don’t personally know our neighbor who made the last public comment, but I have to say he did a phenomenal job of making our point. Can we get him to run for Supervisor for District 6 in 2010? I kid, I kid (kinda) …

I’m thrilled that the bike lanes on Beale, Fremont, and Howard Streets in the Rincon Hill neighborhood should be a shoo-in. I hope the Towsend Street bike lane is a shoo-in. We leave it to the gods following our public comments whether or not we’re going to have more traffic congestion because the MTA seems too stubborn to insert a middle utility lane on 2nd Street. SHame on the MTA for not reaching out to the well-known community stakeholders before May 2009 about the design. They know who we are – some of our neighbors spent 3 years just working out the PacBell/SBC/AT&T Ballpark traffic flows. Shame on the MTA for putting us in the position of having to disagree with our fellow members of what I consider the Church of Sustainability mindset – Do No Harm.

11:29am Update: I’ve been watching over the Internet, and wanted to mention you can still go down to Room 400 at City Hall as long as they’re still on Item 11 to make your comments on 2nd Street’s Design. Thank you very much to Katy from the South Beach/Rincon/Mission Bay Neighborhood Association, Katherine and Les from the South Beach-Mission Bay Business Association, Dan from Embarcadero Towers, Adam from The Brannan, Robyn from The Metropolitan, and any others I didn’t name for taking one of the few opportunities we’ve had since learning about the proposed design for 2nd Street last month to speak up.

As many of us anticipated, the Planning Commission hearing to finalize the EIR for the San Francisco Bicycle Plan was a formality. The real opportunity to plead our case for a utility lane to be added to the current proposed design for 2nd Street as it relates to the Bicycle Plan is this morning (Friday) at 9am in Room 400 at the SFMTA Board of Directors meeting.

Unfortunately, I will not personally be able to attend this meeting because I don’t want to be fired from my job quite frankly. If YOU can attend the meeting and speak up about why adding to the traffic congestion in Rincon Hill, South Beach, and South Park without any attempt to mitigate that additional congestion on the streets in our neighborhoods is unacceptable, PLEASE DO!

Until a critical mass, so-to-speak, of neighbors snap out of being spectators and begin to show up at these meetings to stand up for our rights to keep our air quality as clean as possible, for our rights to not be put at higher risk as pedestrians, for our rights to not be under siege by East Bay, South Peninsula, and west side drivers’ vehicles every work day between 4pm and 7pm, and for our rights to feel confident that emergency response vehicles can reach us when we need them, we will not be respected or even considered when changes that significantly impact our quality of life are being decided upon by the City and County of San Francisco. They’ll happily take our property taxes, but they’ll ignore us until we show up in force.

Most of us who work in San Francisco are already members of what I’m calling the Church of Sustainability in that we already walk, bike, or use public transit to get to work. Most of us want the bike lanes – but we’d like a center utility lane to help mitigate the traffic congestion and related negative effects on our environment that no one is denying the current design for 2nd Street will create. We’d like a design similar to that of Valencia Street – change the four lanes into three lanes with a middle utility lane and the bike lanes on the outside.

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