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Petition to Lower Height Limits to 45 Feet for Future Developments Beside Watermark Building


Seawall Lot 330 is the triangle of land that rests between Bryant Street, Beale Street, and The Embarcadero. The Watermark residential building is on the site along with a surface parking lot. There will likely be development on the property in the future to help provide money to the Port of San Francisco to try to salvage and rebuild some of the piers and other waterfront resources.

Some residents (myself included) would like to limit the height of any new buildings added to that lot so that the heights of any new develpments are within similar ranges of Portside II, Bayside Village, and Delancey Street. Unfortunately, our neighborhood is not as organized or as politically powerful as the folks on Telegraph Hill who were able to get State Senator Carole Migden to write into her legislation that allowed the Port to develop their Seawall lots language that limits new developments’ heights to 45 feet. Without similar organization and political power (yet!) in the Rincon Hill and South Beach neighborhoods, we didn’t have any influence over what was written in the legislation that allows the Port to develop their seawall properties. The bill was passed and allows development of buildings on the Seawalls south of the Ferry Building to go above the traditional 45 foot limit.

One step we can take is to approach the Planning Commission with a request to limit the building heights on Seawall 330. There is a group of neighbors who will do this on Thursday, and they need a simple action by you to help them with their cause. The simple action is for you to sign their petition requesting building heights on Seawall 330 be limited to 45 feet.

If you agree, please sign the petition right now … http://www.petitiononline.com/34550000/petition.html

Update: Folks who live at Portside, Bridgeview, Baycrest Towers, Bayside Village, and other nearby buildings (Watermark too, of course!) are asked to attend the Planning Commission Meeting at City Hall in the Commission Chambers – Room 400 at 6:30 p.m. when this item will be on the table for public comment as part of the Eastern Neighborhoods Program agenda item.
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